Shown on this page is a representation of our available bows. Please contact us for details on any item you are interested in.

Bows priced above 10K:

Violin Bow by H.C. Lamy, Paris

Fine Violin Bow by F.N. Voirin


Bows priced 5K to 10K:

Fine ViolIn Bow by John Greenwood, San Francisco

Fine Violin Bow by Paul Martin Siefried


Bows priced 1K to 5K:

Pernambuco Violin bow by A. Carvalho, Brazil. Snakewood

Jackson Fornaciari Cello Bow


Manoel Francisco Violin Bow I

Manoel Francisco Violin Bow II


Pernambuco Violin bow by C. Chagas, Brazil

Pernambuco Violin bow by D. Carvalho, Brazil


Camilo Herculano

Bernardino Violin Bow


Manoel Francisco Violin Bow

John Norwood Lee Violin Bow


Siqueira Violin Bow