McLaughlin Violins performs regular maintenance of instruments as well as serious restorations on valuable instruments. From seam gluing to repairing cracks on violins/violas/cellos/basses, every step is meticulously executed and refined. Don’t trust your valuable instruments with just any shop.

violins, violas & cellos require regular maintenance

Our quotes of any project are always free. During your consultation, we will suggest all the things you need to know about the job and strive to make it the least intimidating project of your career. Don’t worry, you get to decide exactly what repairs will be performed on your valued possession.

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Repair Services include

Tonal adjustment
Crack repair
Neck reset and graft
Arch correction
Open edge seam gluing
Varnish touch up
Bridge and sound post replacement
Peg repair and replacement
Finger board planing and replacement